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What we do

Your optimal mobile workplace

We are a vehicle modification company. Not a regular one but highly specialized. Specialized in high end modification thanks to our large Innovation and Engineering department, highly skilled mechanics and our unique way of working. Every year we modify many hundreds of vehicles for lots of customers who demand only the best of the best to ensure safety and security for their staff and citizens. Together with our customers we strive for the most optimal mobile workplace.

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How we do it

Five steps; crystal clear

To build the optimal mobile workplace we follow the next five steps with each and every customer:

1) Innovation
2) Co-creation
3) Prototyping
4) Production
5) Service and continuous development.

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What makes us unique


To get the best results in short term practical adjustments but also in long term strategical developments we put together your users and our mechanics. Of all people involved they are the ones that can truly help each other to understand the needs and provide the optimal solutions. Supported by our engineering department and other experts they can come to the optimal solutions in different workshops. Prototypes can be printed on our own 3D printer and be improved instantly. In a short time together we create your optimal mobile workplace, for every application.

Who we work for
Safety and security

Many governmental but also non governmental organizations rely on our highly innovative vehicles. Especially organizations where safety and security are key. Examples are Schiphol Airport, dutch police, The Netherlands Army and Marine, fire brigade and many more. To get more details about the projects that we have completed for the listed companies please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Broad portfolio in Airport vehicles

To give an example of what we are capable of regarding airport vehicles please take a look at the following list:
- Training vehicles for technical services and fire brigade.
- Bird control vehicles
- Maintenance and service vehicles
- Patrol vehicles for platform safety
- Authority vehicles for security
- Marshal "Follow me" vehicles


Do you want to experience our innovations and cocreations? Contact me directly on +31 6 1006 9658 or fill in our contact form below. Regards, Rutger Bosch.

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